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Iranian dentist fined $60,000 for illegally operating in Australia

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On 28th Oct 2018, Mr. Majid Rahebi, a resident of New South Wales, Australia was found guilty of practicing unauthorized dental activities posing as a dentist. He was proven as guilty in the local court of the city. The charges require him to pay a whopping £ 47,000 and an additional £23,000 for legal costs and authorized prices. His dental firm, MJ Dental Care Pty Limited operating from Guildford West in NSW, was fined £8,800 for conducting no background checks and representing Mr. Rahebi as an authentic dentist and the face of the company. He was under scrutiny for charges including dental negligence‌ the whole of this year and was dealing with the ongoing cases since the end of 2017.

According to Nine News, Majid Rahebi worked as a dental technician in Iran and was involved in giving opportunities to dentists from Australia. Later on, his business took a dip and he took the liberty to perform surgeries on his own. Background inquiry proves that Majid is not an authentic dentist and has no educational qualifications as such.

On 14th May this year, the Australian Health-Practitioner Regulation-Agency (AHPRA) charged a total of 71 counts on Majid and his company for falsification of information and not following protocols for stringent background checks. Majid started posing as a registered dentist in early 2017. He operated and managed MJ Dental-Care Pty Limited and has performed critical surgeries that dealt with root canals, extraction of teeth, crown placement and even certain forbidden dental treatments on dozens of patients over a year.

He even prescribed medicines and administered industry standard anesthetics without authorization. Currently, he has a LinkedIn profile that stating that he is a Dental Technician at the Merrylands Denture Clinic. The CEO of AHPRA, Martin Fletcher stated in an interview that the organization is committed to locate and eradicate illegal and unauthorized healthcare practices and ensure strict punishment for those caught in the process. He credited the fast action force, a talented and dedicated team responsible for stopping Majid Rahebi from performing unauthorized dental acts.

Fletcher emphasized the fact that the case of Majid is the best example of what they are trained to tackle. The AHPRA makes sure that such activities do not go unmonitored and coordinates with local regulators to protect the citizens from risky and unprofessional medical services in the country. Majid Rahebi has been charged with a huge fine and restricted from performing further dental activities by the Healthcare Commission in the city. The Chairman of the Dental-Board of Australia, Murray Thomas is proud of the work accomplished by AHPRA and stated how the same fate awaits any future or ongoing illegal and illegitimate medical practitioner in the country.

Murray understands that the strong punishment for the offenders is an example and a warning for individuals posing as authentic dentists which threatens the lives of patients who are good in number across the country. The ultimate goal is to maintain high standards of excellence in the dental industry as well as the holistic healthcare industry in Australia. The trust and loyalty of the citizens is the driving force propelling the regulators towards success and encouraging fair practice in the medical industry.